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    Enhance and foster knowledge.


    Proven methods and technology.


    Modernize with a secure cloud strategy. 


Cybermotiv started with the mindset that all businesses should thrive in a world of continuous change. In April of 2020, the world changed before our eyes and the company was born. Adopting a dynamic workforce and cloud security strategy is what we believe everyone can do.

Cybermotiv is focused on helping people operate a secure and modern business. Through the use of proven methods and technology, modernizing and securing business is crucial for survival.

Our Focus

We understand what it takes to protect and enhance your business.

Cloud Solutions

We enable businesses to efficiently adopt a blend of cloud solutions. Agility is built into the cloud, which allows for scaling up and down within a pay as you go subscription based model.​

Security Solutions

We deliver Cybersecurity solutions that provide any organization a comprehensive digital protection strategy. In today’s marketplace it is crucial to stay ahead of current threats and risks by investing in the right technology.​

Professional Services

Cybermotiv professionals leverage the NIST CSF & COBIT 5 frameworks to understand real business enterprise risk, run security operations, & implement modern solutions and processes.​

Use Cases

We understand your business and how to partner for success

Mergers & Acquisitions

Building and growing a business through M&A requires a deep understanding of the intellectual property, risks, and value of an organization. Earn stakeholder trust through collaborative workshops and executive reporting within 30-60 days.

Cost of a Breach

Running a modern business means investing and leveraging technology. Unfortunately revenue is lost when services or solutions are compromised leading to expensive services to recover. Uncover hidden vulnerabilities and high-risk data breach indicators within 7-14 days.

Accelerate Hybrid Cloud

Enabling a dynamic workforce means allowing and deploying a mobile first strategy. The risks of employees accessing mobile applications without proper security can be costly. The modern business can be equipped with advanced cloud platforms to securely protect mobile devices in less than 90 days.

Security Comprehension

Every organization is run by it’s most important investment, the employees. Continuous security awareness is paramount for revealing insights into behaviors that could cause your organization a partial or significant loss. Leveraging modern learning management tools and reporting is the key to building a  resilient security posture.


Aligning corporate governance with regulatory frameworks is the reality of today. Common U.S. regulation such as CCPA, HIPAA, & PCI DSS are just a few drivers to equip your organization with modern cloud security and out of the box reporting.

Platform Consolidation

During the life-cycle of an organization, many iterations of hardware and software are procured and consumed by various business units. Over the years these investments can stack up and create a complex legacy computing environment to maintain. Taking a holistic approach to assess and consolidate can reduce the operational cost in just a few months.

Security Packages


Includes High Level NIST Security Assessment (Top 20 Controls) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reporting. 

Proof Of Value with advanced cloud security technology

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Includes Advanced NIST Security Assessment with risk quantification and penetration tests customized to high risk areas of interest.

Ethical Hacking & Professional Services
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Includes Advanced NIST Security Assessment with risk quantification, penetration testing, and alignment with advanced incident response retainers.

Ethical Hacking & Professional Services

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